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Your Local Patch is a free web site that allows Birders in the UK and Ireland to share their bird sightings at their local patches with their friends.

By default your sightings are visible only to other registered users you nominate as 'Friends'.

However you can restrict your sightings at a Patch to just a few 'Patch Friends'. These are registered users you nominate who must also subscribe to that Patch.

Alternatively you may wish to share your Patch sightings with a wider audience. This is possible through the 'Friend Network' which comprises all of your Friends, PLUS all of your Friends' nominated Friends.

Your Local Patch also allows you to upload photographs of your Patches and the birds you see at them. You can also upload your bird sightings from your Garden.

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YourLocalPatch was dreamed up and developed by me, Si Border, and my son, Guy. I have 25+ years IT development experience and have been a keen birder since the age of 12.

We have several local patches along the River Avon in Worcestershire, along with my old haunt since a boy of Upton Warren Nature Reserve. We are both actively involved in conservation management, helping out at the monthly work parties at Upton Warren, and more recently, organising work parties at one of our local patches, in close partnership with The Worcestershire Wildlife Trust.

Our aim is simple: to allow birders to share their patch sightings in a safe way which does not jeopardise either the patch or its wildlife.

YourLocalPatch is currently funded by ourselves, and as such, is running on a minimal hosting site. Should the site become popular, we shall have to seek additional funding to upgrade, either through sponsorship, advertising, donations, or a combination of all three.

You can contact us by email at info@yourlocalpatch.com.

We wish you all Good Patch Watching!

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